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Admixtures are the ingredients used in the concrete. The purpose of Admixture is to improve the quality of concrete. Topshir Ahmed Ltd is a Admixture manufacturer and Suppli

er of premium quality admixtures in Bangladesh. TAL has been successful in fulfilling the increasing needs of the clients.

admixure suplier in bangladesh

Type of Admixture we supply

Admixtures enhance the performance of concrete during casting. Admixtures change and improve certain properties of concrete.

They are of two types-

  • Chemicals
  • Minerals

We supply the following Admixture in Bangladesh.

Accelerating Admixtures

Accelerating Admixtures increases the rate of hydration in the early stage. At the initial stage, the accelerators fastens the process . They harden the concrete in an initial setting. This shortens the timing significantly.

Concrete hardening is important because

  • It works in emergency repair.
  • It is useful for low-temperature regions.
  • It takes less time in curing.

Calcium chloride is a typical example of Accelerating Admixtures.

Retarding Admixtures

Retarding Admixtures are useful in

  • Preventing unnecessary voids, in concrete
  • Maintaining,the bond between the surfaces etc.

Retarders slow down the hydration rate at the initial stage. That is why they are ideal for high temperature. It extends the time for cement paste. Retarders are ideal when they need to be transported.
Calcium sulphate or gypsum, starch, cellulose are some of the commonly used retarders.

Water reducing admixtures

Water reducing admixtures are added in the concrete to minimise the water content. These particular mixtures increase the workability of the concrete by reducing water. Water reducers are also knowns as plasticizers. They are of three types.

  • super plasticizers reduce water demand up to by 30%
  • Mid-range plasticizers reduce water demand by 15%
  • Normal plasticizers reduce the water demand up to 10%

Besides increasing the workflow, plasticizers are useful for other factors such as

  • Preventing cracks, segregation, honeycombing, bleeding etc.
  • Improving the strength of the concrete etc

Air Entering Admixtures

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Air entering admixtures increases the durability of concrete under freezing conditions. Air entering admixtures improve the properties, workability when added to concrete. Besides Air entering admixtures

  • Prevents segregation and bleeding
  • Lower the unit weight of elasticity
  • Improves the chemical resistance
  • Reduces cement or sand or water content from the concrete.

Vinsol resin, darex are some commonly used Air entering admixtures. They comprise natural sources like wood resins, animal and vegetable fats etc.

Air-detraining Admixtures

Excessive air releases gas into the concrete voids. Air-detraining. Admixtures eliminate excess air from the voids. Some examples of Air-detraining Admixtures are phosphate, silicones etc.

Corrosion Preventing Admixtures

Saline water and industrial fumes can degrade the reinforced concrete. Corrosion is a common occurrence. Admixtures are useful in preventing corrosion of concrete. Sodium benzoate, sodium nitrate, are used in corrosion prevention.

Colouring Admixtures

Colouring pigments produce colours in the concrete. The manufacturer should keep in mind that it should not affect the concrete strength. Different colouring mixtures result in different colours. For example, Iron produces red colour, Manganese black produces brown.
Damp Proofing Admixtures

Damp proofing Admixtures are to resist water and dampness from the concrete. They also accelerate the hardening job in the early stages. It is made up of aluminium sulfate, silicate of soda etc.

Additives or Admixture?

Additives and Admixture are not the same. Still, they are both concerned with changing the properties. Additives are substances that are added in the cement manufacturing process. Admixtures, on the other hand, are added in concrete.

Why It Is Important To Use Admixtures In Construction

Admixtures are not a ‘must-have’ components of concrete. Yet they have become an integral part of the construction.

Here is a list of benefits of admixtures in construction

  • Admixtures enhance the workflow.
  • Speed up setting & hardening & thus to produce high early strength Concrete Admixtures
  • At the same time, they slow down the setting time.
  • They reduce water demand and quantity.
  • Prevents cracking by preventing overheating of the building
  • It reduces the demand for cement.
  • Waterproof property
  • They are sustainable because they use waste products.
  • Increase the hardened concrete strength
  • Increase frost resistance, durability, abrasion resistance

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