Rooftop waterproof color coating

Rooftop waterproof color coating
About of Rooftop waterproof color coating

In the event that your roof can be seen by others, whether from the ground or another floor of your office, it’s critical to keep its stylish engaging. The combined equation of Wite Brite™ Colors Waterproof Coating offers a custom-colored waterproofing arrangement for repairs on most commercial roof sortscounting metal.

Color shades are carefully mixed with Wite Brite™, one of the industry’s best waterproof coatings, to preserve its demonstrated execution guidelines.


Key Benifits

Rooftop waterproof color coating
    THE OLD WAY: Painting over waterproofing in separate applications allows for the top layer of paint to peel, crack and chip after just a few seasons. Once the top paint layer chips and/or delaminates, the color is compromised and the waterproofing layer underneath is exposed.

    THE IMPROVED WAY: Wite Brite™ Colors Waterproof Coating is a combined formula, so the step of painting over waterproofing is eliminated. The customized color is saturated throughout the entire waterproof coating, which reduces the delamination found in paints and the visibility of wear over time.

    When compared with painting over waterproofing, tests show Wite Brite™ Colors Waterproof Coating offers better adhesion to the roof deck, as well as improved elongation. This results in longer useful life of your roof that can be covered by a labor and materials repair warranty.

    Wite Brite™ Colors Waterproof Coating provides you with watertight performance and color consistency for your commercial roof repairs.