Out of all types of Epoxy flooring stands out easily. Qualities like durability, resistance to wear and tear make epoxy flooring truly appealing for the flooring system. Be it for outdoor surface or industrial choice, it is commonly seen almost everywhere in Bangladesh. Epoxy flooring is a long-lasting versatile chemical solution suitable for all places. Because they are highly customizable and resistant to degradation. 

What is Epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a combination of polymer resins and hardener. The chemical mixture is quite distinct from regular paints.

When the Epoxy resin and hardener are mixed, they form such a chemical compound with each other that it bonds really well with the floor itself. The result is a stiff, free, durable plastic material. An epoxy flooring is a flooring surface consisting of multiple layers/ The depth must be two millimetres thick at least. Otherwise, it would be classified as an epoxy floor coating.

Advantages of Epoxy flooring

Every type of flooring has benefits and downsides. Evaluating the pros and cons before installing any of them is a good idea. Epoxy paints can add a beautiful touch to both residential and commercial areas. Generally, Epoxy paints are more popular in Bangladesh because it has more conveniences than drawbacks. Some of the Epoxy flooring benefits are

Aesthetic appearance

Epoxy colours are usually bright and vibrant. There are various colours and patterns available. The vibrant appearance alone makes them appealing.  Epoxy paints give you options to customize the paints by adding flakes and chips. You can create unique designs and shapes on the floor to fit your specific style. 

Flooring with epoxy paints is easy to clean and sweep. Dirt is less likely to stick to the surface which makes cleaning process super easy. 


Epoxy flooring are distinctly known for durability. They are extremely resistant to cracking and peeling.  Which is why concrete floors with epoxy paints have a longer lifespan than any other type of floors Epoxy paints on concrete substrate render exceptional durability? The floors can withstand all kind of wear and tears. It especially goes for garages where vehicles can cause peeling of paints easily. It can tackle the problems effortlessly. 


Epoxy flooring creates a protective shield for the concrete underneath against moisture, grease and cracks. Whereas carpets or grouts require regular cleaning and maintenance. Epoxy floors eliminate the maintenance costs, provide strength and Protection. 

Epoxy floorings are not only durable, but they are also quite economical. They requires very less or no maintenance. Because they last longer than any type of flooring or coatings, they allow you to save some extra money by providing durability. It can beat any other flooring when it comes to the installation cost. They are relatively affordable because they are installed over a concrete substrate.  If you want to save service money you can do a DIY project for epoxy coating.  It will save you a lot of money indeed. 


Epoxy floors can resist almost everything. It strongly resists chemicals, bleach, oil, gasoline etc.  Automotive industry and garages mostly use epoxy flooring because of their substance resistant quality. Besides they are heat and water-resistant. They are ideal for withstanding chemical spills without causing negative effects on the floor. Because they are resistant to chemicals exposure, warehouses and plants and garages widely use them. They are also used in hospitals for they are good at resisting bacteria and germs.

Longer lifespan

It is worth mentioning that epoxy coatings last longer than any other type of flooring or coatings. Besides durability, they offer a long-term service span. Usually, they last for decades without peeling or cracking. 

Helps the environment

Epoxy flooring requires using fewer materials. Instead of installing a completely new floor, epoxy coating are a great alternative. 

Disadvantages of Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring has for its own downsides too. The major disadvantages of Epoxy flooring are

Slippery surface

Epoxy floors are slippery in general. Especially if it is oil-based epoxy, it is bound to be slippery. One can easily fall and injure themselves if the floor is wet. To prevent this problem you can always add anti-slippery materials in the chemicals. It will still retain that shiny look of the floor. 

Thorough preparation

Epoxy flooring isn’t something you can complete in one day. It requires thorough preparation. You need to make sure that the concrete is free of dirt, oil and other impurities. To make sure that you have a smooth finishing always clean and prepare the concrete prior to coatings. 

Complex installation

First of all, the chemical compound should be mixed properly if you want to ensure good performance. The misapplication of the hardener and resin can affect the performance. Additionally, the installation process is time-consuming and messy. It takes several days to dry up properly. To be on the safe side you need to hire professionals for installation. 


Common epoxy flooring problems

Epoxy flooring is durable and beautiful. But when misapplied, you could experience several problems. Then it would not provide you with the durability and shine that usually comes along naturally. Besides they are extremely difficult to remove. Even the slightest mistake will result in unattractive flooring that is difficult to get rid of. Here are a few common epoxy flooring problems

Peeling floors

Several factors can contribute to floor peeling such as

  • Moisture trapped in the subsurface
  • Contaminated materials like grease, oil and solvent not being removed
  •  improper preparation of the concrete flooring
  • applying the epoxy when the temperature is too hot or cold or the humidity is too high.
  • improper preparation of the epoxy 

To avoid peeling, even a brand new concrete needs to be prepared. This includes acid etching at a minimum or grinding the concrete.

Bubble in Epoxy Floor Coating

Air bubbles are the most common type of epoxy flooring problems by far. Bubbles appear in clusters which are caused by the improper ratio of hardener and resins in the epoxy. The air entrapped in the epoxy causes bubbles on the floor. Follow the instruction properly to mix the chemicals in the right proportion. To allow the materials harden and cure they sometimes need a particular time. 

Excessive hot temperature also causes bubbles in the flooring.  Proper epoxy flooring requires the right temperature that is compatible with the epoxy mix and the floor. Otherwise temperature variation encourages air entrapment causing bubbles. 

Inconsistent colour

An improper epoxy mixture results in a colour variation on the floor. Sometimes it happens due to grease or dirt stuck on the floor.  Exposure to the sunlight can also affect the colour variation. If a part is exposed to sunlight while the other part is not then colour variation might appear. 

Moisture under the coatings

Often moisture gets built up underneath the coatings when the temperature difference in the substrate and epoxy rises. Which is why you need to wait for 24 hours to dry up after etching the floor with acid. Otherwise, the concrete’s pore will build up moisture resulting in bubbles. The moisture in the concrete forces the epoxy coating to separate from the substrate. It is better to take a moisture test 

Blisters and Craters in Epoxy Floors

Blisters are large bubbles and craters are indent. Not preparing the concrete properly cause large craters and blisters. When the concrete traps air and gas, it creates a chemical reaction when epoxy is applied. This, in turn, causes heat. To realise the moisture, the surface forms either blisters or craters.

Epoxy flooring Services in dhaka Bangladesh

Epoxy flooring does not have to be limited to commercial buildings, Topshir Ahmad Ltd provides Epoxy flooring for homes as well.  Be it for 3D epoxy flooring or flaked epoxy, TAL is a one-stop solution for reliable flooring chemicals in Bangladesh. Our products will not only provide durable flooring but also enhance its appearance.

Grouting services in Dhaka Bangladesh

Grouting service is mot something you need daily. So when you need it you want to make sure that you get the best grouting services in Bangladesh. And if you are in search of one, look no further than Topshir. Topshir Ahmad Ltd is a knowledge-based construction company in Bangladesh specializing in all sorts of construction services. Since 2008, we have completed hundreds of grouting projects in Dhaka. 

About our grouting services

Grouting is an important part of the foundation which prevents cracks of a construction site. Grouting is an important aspect of any construction work. We provide various grouting services in Dhaka. For instance, such as epoxy grouting, cement grouting, wall grouting etc. Grouting makes any internal or external surface strong, resistant to leaks. As one of the leading grouting service providers in Bangladesh, we work for commercial, residential and industrial construction work. 

Our Grouting services include:

  • Epoxy grouting
  • Pressure grouting
  • Chemical grouting
  • Cement grouting
  • Tile grouting


Grouting Service in Bangladesh

For 12 years of Topshir’s presence, many homeowners, business owners, contractors have relied on our services. We always maintain professionalism while delivering the project within the estimated budget and time. 

This is how we can help you with

Tile Regrouting

Over time tiles become loose, damaged if not cared for. Regrouting is a process of updating the grouts without removing the tiles. Since it does not involve removing tiles, it is cost-effective and hassle-free. It also takes less time. Regrouting is appropriate for shower tiles, countertops, etc.

  • Regrouting the tiles will repair the leaks caused by damage.
  • It improves the appearance of the tiles. 

Grout Cleaning

Grout absorbs all the dirt and grimes. They eventually collect the substances over time. They not only look bad but also causes structural damage. That is why cleaning the grout is so important. Tosphir grouting services include grout cleaning. Grout cleaning your space will eliminate the built-up dirt thoroughly. 

Grout Sealing

After grout cleaning, we can determine the type of sealing it needs. Grout sealing will prevent further dirt clogging up. Sealing will repel dirt and grime causing discoloration of the grout. 

Grout Recoloring

Our recoloring service will prevent further stain from forming on the grouts. Recoloring will save you money from remodeling or eliminating the need for using harsh cleaners. A standard recoloring will not only adjust the colors but also provide higher protection.

Grout/ Tile Repair

Topshir grouting services can give a new life to your cracked, damaged grout. Negligence to cracked grout can cause damage underneath the floor foundation. Ultimately you will require replacement of the entire floor. We can replace or recolor after cleaning and sealing process of stained tiles. 

How can you benefit from Topshir grouting services

Basic scrubbing and mopping do not help. Over time, tiles tend to lose luster, degrade in quality and appearance. Grout absorbs dirt and debris easily. Hence you need professional services to keep them shiny and protected. 

Prevents Mold and bacteria

Molds and bacterias which grow in the grouts may hamper the health o people living there. We use the right products. They are mild yet effective against the germs and bacteria while cleaning the tiles. 

It is effective 

Just the idea of thoroughly cleaning all the floors sounds so tiring. Actually cleaning is more tiring. Even if you persist, it is less likely that you will get the maximum out of it. Additionally, there are costs of cleaning equipment and supplies. Instead of hiring professionals like Topshir Ahmed ltd will turn out to be more beneficial. It is affordable as well as effective in the long haul. You will save time and energy also. 

Prolongs the lifespan

Molds, debris, and bacteria over time contribute to a short lifespan of the tiles. Professional cleaning eliminates the dirt and bacteria protecting the grout. Professional grout services preserve the value of the tiles.

Brings changes in the appearance 

There are more dirt and debris clogged in the grouts more than you can imagine. We use special cleaning tools and cleaners to get rid of all those substances. It will give your place a fresh appearance. 

Why choose grouting services from Topshir

  • Warranty that echoes value – Surely our performance is unbeatable. A year of warranty to our grouting services adds real value. We take the entire responsibility to mend if anything goes wrong during the warranty period. 

  • On-time project delivery – The assigned team at Topshir Ahamd Ltd will give you an estimated time for an enclosure. And we always succeed in delivering the project within the estimated time. 

  • Certified and registered – Topshir Ahmad Ltd is a registered construction company in Bangladesh. Hence you can rest assured of our solutions and services. 

  • Payment flexibility – There is no need to pay a prior online payment. You can pay us with any method after we complete our services. 
  • 100% Assurity – Our service promises you reliability, durability, and performance. I design our products and services to last for a long haul. 

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