contact-us-topshirOver time, buildings can face cracks in different parts. Cracks can impact the appearance. But on the bigger picture, it may indicate some more significant problems. It is high time to identify the causes to take necessary measures. Topshir Ahmed can help you with effective crack repair services in Bangladesh.

Crack repair and maintenance service at Topshir

Several factors work behind the cracking of a building. Cracks may represent the nature of the hidden problem of the structure. One can prevent problems by identifying and repairing the cracks carefully. Long term repair can eliminate the causes from the root. Generally, there are five methods for crack repairing. 

Epoxy with sealing

The epoxy injection works in repairing cracks of buildings, bridges, dams etc. Epoxy is used when the cracks are as narrow as 0.05 mm. Epoxy injection requires skilful performance. Unless the engineer identifies the cause, the cracks may reoccur. For example, leakage can damage the epoxy sealing. So it is better to fix the major issues at first. In this method, the epoxy injection has to be done under the concrete, and the cracks are sealed. The process of epoxy sealing –

  1. Cleaning the dirt and oils from the cracks by vacuuming or flushing with water. Otherwise, it can affect the efficiency of the method.
  2. Sealing the surfaces to avoid epoxy leakage. Sealing is done after applying the epoxy. When it gets hard enough, the sealer can be stripped away.
  3. Installation of entry ports
  4. Mixing the epoxy by batch or continuous methods.
  5. Injecting the epoxy with Hydraulic pumps, or paint pressure pots. Pressure needs to be apt while applying. Otherwise, it can speed up the injection.
  6. Removing the surface seal with an appropriate method

Routing and sealing of cracks

Routing and sealing of cracks are the most common and economical repair method. Ideal for floors and pavements, it works for large crackings as well. It is more of a temporary repair than structural repair. Routing and sealing is a simple procedure. It consists of filling and sealing the cracks on the surface with a joint sealant. There should be enough space left for movement. It has a few side effects. For example, swelling, corrosion and chemical attack. 

Switching The Cracks

Switching is used in dealing with major cracks of the buildings. Switching involves drilling holes for entry and exit points on both sides of the cracks. Then several staples are anchored through the holes by grouting. Staples are some U shaped metal units. It has a long-lasting effect on cracked buildings. 

Drilling and Plugging

Drilling and plugging are the most cost-effective for crackings n vertical lines. This method involves drilling holes in the vertical cracks. Then a key is passed down by a grout. The grout holds the leakage and soil of the wall. 


Overlays are typically used in sealing a large amount of cracks.

  1. For Active cracks overlaying consists of extensible materials. The materials are but not flexible.
  2. Any type of overlays can mend dormant cracking. For example, polymer modified Portland cement or concrete, or silica fume concrete.


Grouting and epoxy injection have many similarities. Yet epoxy injection is not applicable in cold weather or when there is no fire-resistant. Grouting is an effective substitute in those situations. It works excellently in preventing water leakage. One needs to drill holes in the cracks and grout it to form a key. It is of two types-

  1. Portland cement grouting: Portland cement grouting is used in filling large sized cracks. The ratio of cement and water should be precise to maximize strength. Admixtures are useful in enhancing the properties of the cement.
  2. Dry packing: Low water content in dry packing ensures little shrinkage, little shrinkage.Dry packing is not suitable for active cracks. It is used for filling slots of dormant cracks.

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Topshir Ahmed Ltd has performed crack repairing for many residential and industrial constructions in Dhaka. We bring our years of experience in meeting your specific demands. Cracked walls encourage leaks, moisture and insects. Call us today for any repairment. Be it a leaky basement or cracked walls, we can provide you with customized repair solution. contact-us-topshir