[Industrial flooring can impact you day to day business operation. You want an industrial flooring that is durable and robust. If you are confused about the right industrial flooring service, Topshir Ahmed Ltd can provide you durable industrial flooring in Bangladesh. You will ensure that your flooring is suitable for day to day operations by working with us. 

Industrial Flooring Options at Topshir

There is a wide array of options for industrial flooring. Topshir AHmed Ltd offers tailor made flooring options. A customized flooring can prove to be efficient and meet your unique demands. 

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a combination of multiple layers. It is strong and can withstand heavy traffic. Epoxy flooring is slip resistant and bacteria resistant. Which is why it is excellent for hospitals and offices where safety is priority. Epoxy flooring are easy to clean with standard mopping hare is best tile floor cleaning machines . There is no need for Waxing or buffing. It requires minimum maintenance charge. However the installation is quite complex. An improper epoxy coating can cause premature peeling of the coating. Ou need professional help for epoxy flooring.Topshir Ahmed LTD can help you in installing flawless epoxy flooring. its versatility and high durability make it ideal for all industrial and commercial buildings.

Polished concrete

Polished concrete flooring is one of the most solid and durable options available. Just like epoxy flooring, polished concrete can withstand high foot traffic. Moreover it is resistant to oil and chemicals. It greatly enhances the design of a workplace with a variety of colors and gloss levels. We can make tailor made polished flooring with custom combination of colours. It is an excellent choice if you want something long lasting. There is no extra cost associated with concrete polishing other than occasional mopping. concrete polishing is a versatile option for industrial, hotels and restaurants.

Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring is relatively comfortable option. The only drawback is that it needs more cleaning. Rubber tiles provide insulation and protection to the flooring below. Rubber flooring provides comfort while walking. The primary benefit of rubber flooring is that it is recyclable. It is easier to maintain. Chemical spills also less likely to be visible on rubber tiles. Rubber flooring is soundproof and PVC free. However it is an expensive flooring method. 


Vinyl is the cheapest option available. It is economical for covering a large space. Vinyl flooring is moisture resistant. It has many advantages which is why it is widely popular. However it is more prone to damage and cracks. Vinyls are very much similar to Epoxy flooring. They might be cheap but they are not suitable for industrial flooring. The lack strength and durability for heavy traffic. Plus they need regular cleaning and surfacing. 

Wood block

Wood blocks are eco friendly and sustainable. They might not be practical for huge industrial areas but they are great for small offices. They are unique and has a softer surface. You can easily replace the blocks if any of them are damaged. 

Why Topshir Ahmed Ltd for Industrial Flooring

Whether you want to upgrade your flooring or exploring new options, we are outstanding in our work. We are here to provide you various industrial flooring services. If you are unsure, we can help you in choosing the best option for your industrial flooring. We offer first rate reliable flooring services in Dhaka. Our services are backed by our known manufacturers. We are committed to serving you personalised industrial flooring options. Here is we are best at industrial flooring and coating services

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