Redy Mix Color Plaster

Product Description
face Medication face should be free from dust, grease etc., differently it’ll affect binding. However, it should be bathe with clean water, if the face is dry.


Prepare cataplasm by mixing sufficient water per every 40 kg bag of Ready Mix Cataplasm, Use of Mechanical mixer- electrical kindler is recommended for better results. Mixing should be done for 5- 10 twinkles depending upon the speed of the mixing outfit. After mixing the cataplasm, leave it for 5 twinkles and mix it formerly again just before use. The correct portion of water and Ready Mix Cataplasm is essential for good results.


The admixture should be applied within one hour of preparation. However, it’s recommended that the face is made rough with comb for better sticking of the cataplasm sub caste, If the concrete face is smooth and thick. Ready Mix Cataplasm should be applied with hand trowel and care should be taken that it does not have direct exposure to wind and rain during its operation.

Product Specification

Coverage Area25 Kg Bag
Shelf Life12 Month
Package25 Kg
Packaging TypeBag
ColorYellows, Blue , Green