Retrofitting in Bangladesh

Retrofitting is one of the economical ways to reconstruct the earthquake-prone buildings. Retrofitting is the process of modifying old structures to make them earthquake resistant. Topshir Ahmed Ltd renders Retrofitting service to an extensive number of clients in Bangladesh.

Types Of Retrofitting Services We Offer

Seismic Retrofitting

Seismic Retrofitting protects the vulnerable buildings from natural calamities like earthquakes, cyclones, tornadoes. It is a technique used for mitigating the negative impacts. Our focus is to increase the capacity of the building to withstand seismic activity. 

Strength Evaluation

Topshir Ahmed Ltd test and analyse the building construction. We make sure to calculate the strengths and weaknesses. We find the most feasible solution after examining the project. 

Epoxy Treatment

Our engineering team assesses the optimum epoxy solution. We estimate the cost-effectiveness and other aspects to support our clients. 

Advantages Of Retrofitting

In civil engineering, we know retrofitting as Seismic Retrofitting. Seismic Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology in the old structures. The upgrades are to resist seismic activity. Seismic activity refers to an earthquake. Building systems can be vulnerable or even damaged to earthquakes. Retrofitting upgrades, the building system strengthens the original structure. Here are a few advantages of retrofitting a building structure 

Cost-saving Method

Retrofitting is anything but first of all, economical. New technological equipment expands the durability of a building. Retrofitting technology saves energy and water of the building. It is a cost-saving process in the long run. 


Buildings consume more than 40% generated energy. Retrofitting is a way to reduce your carbon footprint. Retrofitting can eliminate a large portion of energy consumption. If you care about our planet, you can reduce carbon emission with retrofitting.

Increased Comfort

Retrofitting is not only earthquake resistant. It also improves the interior. Better interior design can add comfort and well being of your home. 

Preserve Cultural Heritage

The retrofitting technology helps us in preserving our heritage and culture. It adds an innovative touch to the timeless heritage. Retrofitting enhances the beauty of the historic structures. 

Increased productivity

Retrofitting in commercial areas has proven to be effective for boosting the employer’s productivity. The new surroundings and interior can help to improve the mind. Thus companies can generate more ROI.

Future Proof Buildings

Retrofitting reduces the power bill. At the same time, it can give a long-lasting effect of a building. Retrofitting can extend the life cycle of the buildings. 

What You Need To Consider Before Retrofitting

  • Perform an energy audit to check if the equipments are functioning at optimum levels. Perhaps you could repair the leakage, disabled sensors or clogged filters.
  • Do not forget to check the water systems. This could save you a considerable amount of utility cost. This is why the energy audit is essential before retrofitting.
  • Compare the bills of recent months or a year. Has it increased?
  • Repair the systems that would easily operate after repairing. If the problems are minor, then it does not make sense to make such a huge change.

Outsourcing Retrofitting Service From Topshir Ahmed Ltd.

Earthquakes are a common occurrence in Dhaka. They cause disastrous impacts around. It is a smart choice to make your property earthquake-proof prior. Topshir Ahmed Ltd is available 24/7 to serve your needs. We are a leading engineering service provider in Bangladesh. Retrofitting is sometimes challenging. Our experienced team will still ensure the reliability and efficiency of the projects. contact-us-topshir